Night Guards & Sports Mouth Guards

Protecting your teeth from contact sports or grinding is an important measure to take to avoid potential injury or tooth loss. Your teeth are meant to last your lifetime. At Frankston Family Dentistry, we can help fit you with custom night guards or sports mouthguards to protect your smile!

What Are Night Guards?

Night guards are oral appliances you wear during sleep to protect them from grinding (bruxism). If you suffer from this condition, you will find that you habitually grind and clench your teeth during your sleep, potentially causing tooth wear along with many other problems. Bruxism can cause increased pain or sensitivity in your teeth. You may find yourself waking up with a headache, or experience jaw, neck, or face pain. Bruxism can also result in a painful condition called temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Wearing your custom-fit night guard during your sleep will help absorb the grinding and clenching forces, preventing damage and wear to your teeth. You will sleep better, wake up without morning headaches or jaw pain, and you will protect your teeth, jaws and any restorations from damage.

What Are Sports Mouthguards?

A sports mouthguards is an oral appliance an athlete uses to protect the teeth from damage from accidental blows to the face. It helps reduce the risk of broken teeth or injuries to the lips, gums, tongue, face, or jaw. A sports mouthguard is made of a thick material that can absorb the force of any sudden impact. It is designed to protect your whole mouth, including the teeth and gums. Not only will your mouthguard cushion any blow, but it will also prevent you from accidentally biting your tongue or soft tissue.

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