Emergency Appointments

At Frankston Family Dentistry, we know that emergency situations can happen when you least expect. That is why we offer emergency appointments. We want to be there for you and your family members when you need us the most. Our highly trained and experienced staff is fully equipped to handle your emergency dental care. You can always count on us!

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation requiring immediate attention to save a tooth, alleviate pain, or stop bleeding. Some common types of emergencies occur due to trauma and may include cracked, chipped, broken, dislodged, or knocked out teeth. Losing a crown or filling, or an injury to your gums or teeth are also considered dental emergencies, especially if you have severe pain or swelling. If you experience any of these conditions, contact us immediately for an emergency appointment.

If your tooth is knocked out, there are some steps to take to increase the chances of saving it. Try to set the tooth back in its socket without touching the root, but do not force it in. If you can't do that, place it between your gums and cheek or in some milk. Make sure you don't accidentally swallow the tooth. Time is of the essence here. You have less than two hours to have your tooth successfully re-implanted.

Dental emergencies include dealing with severe tooth pain, which may indicate an infection or an abscessed tooth. Both these situations will require immediate medical attention. Make to avoid putting aspirin or painkillers on your aching tooth or gum tissues. Call us right away. Don't wait!

We Are Here for You

We, at Frankston Family Dentistry, are dedicated to offering the highest level of dental care to adults and children of all ages in the Frankston area. While we hope you will never need emergency dental services, we are here for you in the event you do. You can always count on us!

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