Dental Crowns

A crown, formerly referred to as a cap, is a molded shell placed over the entire tooth surface to restore its shape, size, strength and /or appearance to its natural state.

Crowns are used:

  • To attach a bridge
  • When a filling is too large for the tooth to support
  • To protect a cracked or broken tooth
  • To cover and protect a tooth after a root canal
  • For cosmetic enhancement

Ceramic Crowns

All-ceramic crowns look and feel remarkably like natural teeth yet they provide the same, if not more, strength and durability of a standard crown. Ceramic crowns are custom made for each patient with zirconia, the same substance used to make synthetic diamonds, and porcelain. The vast array of design options available with ceramic crowns make them the ideal restoration for front teeth. 

One-day Crowns

Yes – it can be done! In just one appointment, you’ll be measured for your crown, the crown will be made while you wait, and you’ll walk out with your perfectly fitted, custom-colored crown permanently bonded to your tooth.

The latest CAD/CAM technology makes this possible:

  • First, a camera captures a digital image of the tooth from all angles.
  • Then, a computer creates a digital 3-D model that Dr. Halberstadt can design and refine on the screen right in front of you. Once the design is complete, a porcelain block is selected in the shade that best matches your existing teeth.
  • The crown is milled in a machine on-site.
  • Most one-day crown appointments take under two hours.

No more gooey, sticky molds, temporary crowns coming off and leaving raw nerves exposed, and having to make two appointments just for one tooth.

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